RGS-9000-G Grey

RGS-9000-G Grey Specifications

Model RGS-9000-B Grey

Details DVD/CD/VCD/M93/DiVX/MPEG4  Playback System
USB 2.0 Port and Mini USB
SD card Reader Inside Panel
AV Input / Output
Touch Buttons
IR Transmitter 2 Ch for Wireless Headphones
On-Board Stereo Speakers
Wireless FM Transmitter for Audio Function
Remote Control
Basic Games + controller
9” LCD –TFT  Screen Monitor with 800 x 480 pixels Resolution
LED Back light
16.9 Slide-Up screen
6-Pole Adaptors12/12.5/12.7/13.8/14/16mm
-10-+55C operating Temperature
2 Pair Folding Headphones included

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