RGS-941DVR Specifications

The RGS-941DVR is a 4 channel digital video black box recorder a Heavy duty metal box that sits on a suspension mount.
It has been designed and built by world leading engineers in the industry from Taiwan who have many years’ experience in the DVR industry.
The RGS-941DVR black box DVR system records while you are driving and saves events that may happen at the same time.
The information gathered by the RGS-941DVR is very valuable in disputes that occur while driving or while the vehicle is parked, with the GPS location, vehicle speed and date/time recorded.
The DVR can be set up to suit 1,2,3 or 4 cameras with a standard 4 pin air plug.
A dash mount monitor can be attached to view all cameras to help with driving and reversing in all situations of driving.
The DVR operates on 10-36 volts so all cameras will take 12 volt power from DVR, makes installation easier  for long cable runs.

Input: 4 channel
Output: 1 channel
Safety Management:  User Password, Admin password in two layer management system.
Video Standard:
PAL (625 lines,50 scenes/sec)
NTSC (525 lines, 60 scenes/sec)
Compression:  H.264 main profile
Storage:   Max Support: 256GB SD Card and 2TB HDD

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